Patricia M. Burgin

Welcome to Shekinah's mysterious fire spirits photographs.

Fire Spirits Photographs (FSP) is a non-profit company dedicated to the care of 22 mystical photographs given as a gift to humanity by a majestic Extra-terrestrial named Shekinah. Because the photographs are a mystical gift, they should not be sold or used for a commercial purpose. I urge everyone to heed this warning before copying a photograph. Shekinah has said that the pictures are magical. Strange mystical events occured at public exhibitions held at the Falmouth Royal Polytechnic Society between 2010-2011. Incidents are posted in the News Section of the website. To copy a picture right click on the image and on the menu - click copy. I am not a computer whiz so please contact me if there is difficulty with printing an image, hopefully a resolution can be found. The best prints are produced using an Epson printer, Epson ink, and A4 Smooth Gloss Paper.

Soon to be published as an apendage to the photographs is the Shekinah Fire Spirits Philosophy. The Shekinah Philosophy is not a religious document; the philosophy is rooted in Laws of Natural Science. The most important natural law is: Everything is made of atoms. Solve this theory and the world can become your oyster.

Originally I thought the book would be published on the Internet by now, but apparently Shekinah had a few more lessons to teach me about about extraterrestrials. Hi darlings, I have underestimated how long it would take me to complete the philosophy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your patience.
Patricia M. Burgin
Intergalactic Federation of Shekinah