Patricia M. Burgin

Welcome to the mysterious world of Shekinah

Fire Spirits Photographs (FSP) is a non-profit company dedicated to the care of 22 mystical photographs given as a gift to humanity by a majestic Extra-terrestrial being named Shekinah. The photographs and all published educational materials are a mystical gift from Shekinah and should not be sold or used for a commercial purpose.

UPDATE: 23 November 2015
Hello my darlings I promised to upload the book yesterday, but I am baffled by the new computer method. It appears that while I have been busy writing computer technology has been evolving. I have some material for you to read but it seems as though I need to learn some computernese or upgrade the website; maybe both. Anyway I want to offer you a sincere apology for the delay, and will attempt to publish book 1 within the week.

Love in the White Light of the Universe,
Patricia M. Burgin
Student of Shekinah
Intergalactic Federation of Shekinah