Patricia M. Burgin

Welcome to Shekinah's mysterious fire spirits photographs.

Fire Spirits Photographs (FSP) is a non-profit company dedicated to the care of 22 mystical photographs given as a gift to humanity by a majestic Extra-terrestrial named Shekinah. Because the photographs are a mystical gift, they should not be sold or used for a commercial purpose. Soon to be published is an apendage to the photographs to be known as the Shekinah Philosophy. I can tell you that I am eager to post the first volumn online but I am having technical problems. However, recently Shekinah sent a web designer to help me. Today's date is 16/09/14 check back in 30 days. Hopefully, the 1st volume An Introduction to Extraterrestrials will be online by then.
Thank you for your patience,

Patricia M. Burgin
Student of Shekinah
Intergalactic Federation of Shekinah